Flexible color for a kelly

  1. If I will only have just one kelly 28 or 32cm....which of the ff colors you think is the best most flexible (aside from black:p) color:

    -rogue g

  2. Hmmm..I think the toile/barenia is certainly the most adaptable in so far as colour, but i personally would be worried about its versatility in so far as hardiness. Will this be an everyday bag? If so I would have to go for raisin as the next most adaptable colour.
  3. Raisin. Or, although not on your list, gold.
  4. You *HAVE* got to consider Blue Jean, if it's going to be your "one and only" (although, I doubt very much it will stay one and only forever) And there is no reason whatsoever why BJ can't be fashionable for FF
  5. Thanks exquisite for the input:smile: will toile/barenia slouch badly in a kelly? they look flexible in a birkin and i think, vibrato (which i saw in a kelly) is just the same with a toile....correct me if im wrong.

    Hi lulilu...i already have gold...in a massai:smile:

    Dear MrsS....I have a bag with the same shade as BJ, I was so tempted to get that in a massai. btw, what is FF? :p thanks!:heart:

    Is there a pink color for kelly? darker than rose dragee, lighther than rose shocking.
  6. The vibrato is not a toile. It's leather! A work of art to be exact. In rigide or souple?
    Personally, I will lean towards the Rasin or the vibrato kelly :heart:
  7. yay!:p i shoud've re-read HG's leather book. Tnx for the info:smile:

    what is the diff bet rigide or souple?
  8. I think slouching is not so much factor in the toile/barenia combination but it is not a bag that you would like to carry in winter.
    I would go with raisin.
    I am not familiar with the colour ardoise?
  9. I say gold or blue jean!! both are not on your list though lol
  10. i have a BJ kelly and it's my only kelly. i have to say...i've worn it with sooooooooooo many outfits all year round too!!
  11. LOL! I'd no idea I typed that. I meant Fall.

    Save BJ for a retourne Kelly. Choose Orange for the Massai .... like guccigal's :heart:
  12. Rouge H or raisin.
  13. What about Etoupe?!
  14. I vote for Rouge H. You can literally wear it with anything except for colors in the same shade or family. Goes great with khakis, whites, blues, blacks, greys...

    I wear my rouge practically all year round. In fact, it is the one color where I have more than one H bag design (except for black, of course) even after doing a few closet-cleaning exercises... still have birkins, kellys, plumes and toto in this color.