Flex your ENTIRE Vintage Coach Collection!


Aug 9, 2020
I have to be on a handbag ban...with Christmas coming I need to use my handbag money for prezzie money.
I now know what Gucci I want so its the goal for next year...a Gucci Swing Tote in leather.
Just nedd to stop buying until next year. Have got the basic bag which is in Auckland now and hopefully arrive tomorrow.

But heres the rub... I want a prairie and another court...hmmm...I need to do my wish list again.
I just got a mahogany Prairie. I didn’t mean to! It was listed at $50 and she offered $35 so I countered at $25 and she accepted :facepalm: goodness gracious.

...And a mahogany rambler’s legacy, a BT (so I think) carnival, and the black duffle sac. Eyaaaa. And there’s one more I’m forgetting.. and I still haven’t gotten anything for the kids’ Christmas! No more scrolling through listings for me. I’ve gotta get back on Candy Crush or something else mindless for a while to break this buying binge