fleurs key chain

  1. :crybaby:the yellow charm fell off the main keychain yesterday, the link burst open and it disconnected from the entire keychain. I'll be heading to LV sometime this weekend to see how they can help me.
  2. Oh no!! So sorry to hear that...hope they can fix it or replace it for you :flowers:
  3. :hysteric: I hope you get it replaced....I love the Fleurs.
  4. Yikes, thanks for the heads up! I haven't been using mine lately but now I'll be careful.
  5. i hope so too. My SA from Hawaii said they don't have any in stock right now so she can't help me right now and to check with the local stores here. She said to let her know what happens. I'm hoping they'll replace it.
  6. Oh boy... I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Hope everything works out okay. Please update!
  7. That's terrible! I think it might be fixable.
  8. NOOOO! That really sucks to hear. I hope it gets fixed/replaced! I also hope that was just a fluke and not something that is common - I'm using mine today!
  9. Im sorry about that, i am sure they will do something for you. Does anyone know if this is LE?
  10. Oh no! That is not good! I am sure they will help you at LV! Let us know! :crybaby:
  11. That's awful. Have you had it long? Do you actually use it as a keychain or a charm?
  12. oh no! i hope they fix it for you!
  13. yikes! its a good thing you didn't lose the charm...right?
  14. sorry to hear that, good luck!! let us know what happens!
  15. I have the Pastilles bracelet/charm and I was wondering since I got it off eBay would LV be able to fix it if it ever broke?