Fleur Key Holder/Bag Charm....Release in US?? When??

  1. Ugh....

    Does anyone know when the Fleurs Key Holder/Bag Charm will be released here in the US???? I've seen the phone version of it on Elux about 4-5 days ago....
    maybe the Bag charm will show up soon...Hmm..

    I'm dying for the Bag Charm!!!!!!!! I asked about it when I went to LV June 9...and they didn't know what I was talking about...GRR!:cursing:

    Anyone have any input? ...a date?? Something...LOL!!:sweatdrop:

    TIA!! :yes:

    Here's a pic (fellow PFer's) LOVE IT!!:heart:
  2. Cute
  3. It should've been released by now!! At the night of the LV event that I went to, they had a couple available (but were sold immediately) If my store in Calgary has gotten them...the release should be super soon, if not already! Maybe your store hasn't received them yet?
  4. I need to call 866 again! I MUST have this charm!
  5. Like I said the phone version popped up on elux not too long ago.....Hmm...So hopefully it'll be out here soon.

    The Fleur bag charm would look so HOT on my new Azur Saleya!!!!!!!!!!! :drool:
  6. I am dying for this charm! I've got my lists out to people for my masters graduation gifts...and this would be a perfect thing for one of them to buy. So it better come out soon! LOL
  7. Do you know how much it's supposed to be? LV left me a message saying it was finally in the store. Just curious how much it is.
  8. ^^Like $260 I think? I'm not sure. I just know I asked at my store before the Amarante released since all they had was the phone charm. They said it was on order and should arrive soon.
  9. I thought $240...but not sure if that's USD or CAD.
  10. Probably USD. I know it was in the upper $200's for sure. :yes:
  11. I heard $240 from 866. I am waiting for my store to call me....I guess I better call if I want one!