Fleur de Lis??? Help....

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  1. Hey all,

    I am looking for a purse that has a rhinestone fleur de lis on the strap. I want to say that the purse is black or white leather - I saw it very briefly on of all shows - "America's Next Top Model". I tried googling everything that I could think of and haven't had any luck.

    Does this ring a bell with anyone?

    Thanks in Advance!!:tup:
  2. Here's one by Tylie Malibu:

    Edit: Never mind, I just saw that you said "on the strap." Oh well, cute anyway.

  3. I think Rondafaye has the right brand. Tylie Malibu has a model with fleur de lis on the strap and I have seen many on ebay but I can't remember the bag name. Good luck.
  4. thank you all very much. didn't find exactly what i was looking for with these, but did see some that were similar. the search continues....:yes:
  5. The brand Gianni Bini (I've only seen them sold at Dillard's department store) puts the fleur de lis on a lot of their bags.
    link - http://www.giannibini.com/
  6. Some Tylie Malibu bags have hardware on the strap (connecting the strap to the bag) that's shaped kind of like a fleur de lis, this style is called the Apache:

  7. Could it be something from Kathy Van Zeeland? I swear she puts Fleur de Lis on her charms.
  8. Hey Hermes I am looking for that same bag and the fleur de lis was on the front of the bag which was large white hobo. I saw the same episode of ANTM and have tried contacting the network to post the style contents of that episode on their website. No such luck :sad: If I found out the bag I will let you know...
  9. try steve madden. sorry im not good with posting pictures. some of his bags have it.
  10. I saw a bag like that on QVC - you could check their website?
  11. Bridget Shuster makes bags with Fleur De Lis:

    Also Isabella Fiore Knight Rider Britta has a big Fleur de Lis keychain/charm -- hard to see in this photo but it is on the left strap:

    Tylie Malibu uses crystals on the straps which are usually in a kind of double diamond but more rounded/sideways figure 8 design. The top can look like a fleur de lis and sometimes the colors of the crystals accent different parts of the design:

  12. Hi, I just purchased today a large (14-16 inches high) and very soft black leather Leather Rock with 2 large silver fleur de lis (about 4 inches each) with crystals. These are hard metal, one on each side of the strap, not sewn in on the body of the bag. Fleur de lis are like hardware/jewelry. Strap also has studs and crystals.
    TJMaxx $249
    Good luck finding another one.
    Wondering how much it retails for???
    Does anyone know???