FLAXSEED! Lost almost an inch and no exercise- WOOOHOOO!!

  1. I seriously am not a healthy person, though I do eat veggies and drink lots of water, but I smoke, drink socially and never diet..ever.

    My mother in-law said she lost 3 inches off her waist in 1.5 months by taking just a teaspoon of flaxseed a day.. (she puts it in her oatmeal) Well, I figured, I should try it since she NEVER tries anything and is really skeptickal like me about everything.

    It was only $1.99/bag (ground flaxseed) at Trader Joe's and I've been puting one teaspoonfull in a glass of milk for 3 days now and my stomach looks smaller (I'd say I lost alomost an inch) and feels empty ALL the time! But I eat regularly: meats, rice, soda.. AWESOME! I'm still in utter disbelief! It didn't make me go to the bathroom like I assumed..I mean nothing changed and I don't feel anything weird, I can just feel I digest foods faster in the day..

    This is just so cool, I had to share! It's sooo worth it to try it, REALLY!
    PLUS I got online and read the benefits for menopause and balancing estrogen levels..fights off breast cancer, prevents swelling like migrains, water retention..etc..!!! WTH is this! It's on the net, just google it!!! It's AMAZING!! But who cares, lol--> my tummy is small!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HMM, I might up my dose to two teaspoonfulls per day--> heheheh!!
  2. really? hmmm very interesting.. I'm gonna give it a try!!!
  3. my mom loves it, what does it taste like?
  4. nutty, and the good kind of nutty taste, too..it tastes good!!!!:tup::tup::tup:
  5. im off to trader joes!!
  6. Would flaxseed oil do the same thing ? Thankyou for sharing.
  7. interesting...thanks for sharing! I too was wondering if the flaxseed oil capsules would have the same effect?
  8. sounds like something I should try!! I know Koshi (sp?) makes a honey and flaxseed cereal I was looking at...I wonder if that would do the trick?
  9. Can I get ground flax seed at Walmart or a grocery store ?
  10. I know that Walgreens has ground Flax seed. I am going to pick some up this weekend. I had heard there were alot of health benefits.
  11. Interesting!

    Anything that can make me slimmer is very interesting, hehe..
  12. My sis has been taking flaxseed and it has done wonders for her healthwise. Her blood pressure has gone down (no longer taking bp pills) and so has her cholesterol level. She also takes fish oil and swears by it (similar benefits healthwise with flaxseed). I don't know about losing weight/inches though, have to ask her about that.

    I will consider it. Anything to help me lose inches in my troubled area is worth trying.
  13. you realize the entire purse forum is going to run out and buy flaxseed now don't you?? :lol:

    I know I definitely am :biguns:
  14. Do you think you lost an inch because you're not as bloated, possibly? Flaxseed seems like it would be contain lots of fiber to you know, move your bowels! LOL...
  15. Odd...I've never read anything about Flax helping you lose weight specifically. I mean, it's recommended as a great source of fiber and Omega 3 oils, but aside from that, nothing of its amazing fat loss properties.