Flawless Skin?

  1. I need help with flawless skin, or at least nice looking skin.

    I don't really have an acne problem, my problem is freckles.

    I have very pale skin, always the lightest foundation color. I don't have freckles like a natural red-head has freckles, I just have a few (meaning more than ten, less than 25, i never actually counted) dark freckles on various spots on my face. But then all over my cheeks, my skin just looks...spotted. Its like my skin has millions of small, almost my skin tone but not quite, enough to be very noticeable, freckles. They're not pores, just light freckles.

    I should be able to cover them and have normal skin with foundation, but foundation always looks weird on me...like really flaky. Right now I'm using Maybelline(sp?) Dream Matte Mousse, and that works well enough, but its still unnatural looking.

    Does anyone have tips for application of foundation that might make it look more natural? Or a better foundation that is still really cheap? I have a super-low foundation budget :sad:
  2. instead of foundation, i would invest in a good skin brighten cream, there is alot of them out there
  3. best concealer ever...and i have the exact problem as you, pale complexion with freckles all over cheeks and nose. other than shelling out thousands of dollars for who knows what kind of cosmetic procedures (laser, peels, etc.)? i use this concaler...lightweight, not flaky or cakey. although you will never completely have skin like nicole kidman, without heavier foundation and/or concealer, i'd say this is a close second...besides, it'll take like a makeup artist and plenty of time to pinpoint and cover each freckle perfectly. meanwhile, i just dab and blend it in over my freckley areas. best of all, it's $15, and skinstore sometimes has 20% codes...might want to do a search in deals and steals forum or at google.

    CoverBlend Multi Function Concealer-SPF 15 - Light Skincare Product at SkinStore.com
  4. Just use a tinted moisturizer... it will even things out but still look soooo natural!I really like Bobbi Brown and Chanel's formulas...I am very fair too :smile:
  5. I am exactly the same. I have finally learned to embrace my freckles rather than cover them up. If I tried to cover them up then I always ended up looking like I have a ton of makeup on so instead of not noticing my freakles they noticed that I wore tooooo much makeup. You can't cover them up without too much make up Just put on a med. coverage foundation and use a concealer to touch some real trouble spots and embrace your uniqueness. I also love bobbi browns concealer and foundation.
  6. To prevent a face full of freckles peppered all over, begin using a strong sunblocl. (SPF40 by Clarins UV PLUS is fantastic)
  7. :yes: