Flaw in the glazing, would this bother you?

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  1. Ladies, I bought a LV Shine Alma PM from the boutique and only used it briefly twice. I was looking at it the other night and noticed that the glazing on the inside handle looks like it melted off. At first, I thought that perhaps it's rub from the hardware but the hardware doesn't hit it in that spot and my other handles are fine. Would this bother you? I'm annoyed because this bag cost $3500+ and I barely used it.

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  2. Slightly better shot

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  3. I would take it in and ask for them to reglaze it.
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  4. Thank you. I'm just wondering if this is going to be an ongoing issue with the glaze melting. I remember that the blue rose neverfull ikat had an issue with the blue handles.
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    You should take it back if it's melted. My beloved alma PPM slightly melted the first summer with me and melted some more the second summer. Took it back for reglazing but it couldn't be repaired :sad: It was a limited edition and a presy from hubby so I was a little upset. But got the coveted montainge MM in marine rouge from the store credit and felt better after :love:
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  6. That would bother me since it's new. LV has had many issues with glazing on many items. If you don't live in a hot or humid area then you can rule that out (their glazing doesn't do well in such climates). And you should definitely exchange it or ask for a credit note. So sorry this happened to your beauty! LV stands behind their products so I'm sure they'll give you no hassle :smile:
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  7. That's bad. I had a glazing issue with a multicartes, where it chipped off. This is the first time it melted. I'm thinking I need to stay away from colored glazing.

  8. My alma was in black taurillon leather with black glazing. I know they use this leather on their higher end bags still but not sure why they could not just change the handles.
    Anyway, I got my montaigne so all is good.
  9. Personally, I would return it for reglazing.
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  10. I personally would be bothered and taking it back for repairs. Having cracking or chipping occur after years of love and natural wear and tear is one thing, but to have the glaze melting like this, especially on such a new bag, is inexcusable.
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