Flaw in MC white flap???

  1. I purchased a MC white flap week ago. There is just one thing that's bothering me. On the sides where leather interwined with the chain look difference between the white & the black one. I'm not home now to get picture of my white MC flap but here are pictures from other members. I know my white is the same here too.

    I like how neatly done on the black. The raw edge of the leather does not expose much. What do you think?

    (picture of hikarupanda's)

    (picture of wintotty's)
  2. I see the difference, but I wouldn't consider it a flaw.

    The leather and chain on my red MC tote look very much the way the white looks in the above pic.:yes:
  3. I wouldn't consider it a flaw either, but I can relate to your concern. I wasn't happy with the finishing of the handles on my Outdoor tote and returned it for another, and I keep looking at the top of my Luxe goatskin bowler where the leather kind of waves in places (the leather on the zipper part) - it doesn't lie perfectly flat. It bothers me. It isn't a flaw; it's me who's probably flawed, lol.
  4. you know, I actually realize the difference when pics of wintotty's white one were posted. But I think this is more of a personal preference than a flaw; I personally do like the way they did on my black one though (the one in the pic). If it really bothers you, can you go to the boutique and check on other white ones?? Maybe all the white ones are like that??
  5. I also wouldn't consider it a flaw. They're handmade, it's tough to get them all 100% consistent.
    If you prefer the leather to fit tighter, I'd try and exchange it:yes:
  6. OK I guest I'm a bit picky!!! These bags are handmade so not all will be exactly the same. But I still like the finishing on the black one so I'll see if I can exchange another white one. Thanks you all.