Flaw in diamond

  1. I just got engaged this past Christmas, and just yesterday, I was looking at my ring and one of the tiny round diamonds in it has something that looks like a small black dot in it. I dont think it was there before because I always look at my ring and I cleaned it this morning and it is still there. I am taking it to a jewerler in the morning to check it out but I wanted to know is it common for diamonds to get flaws in them after a while. Also the diamonds are VS1.

    Here is a link of the ring but you cannot see the flaw on the picture or if you just look at the ring only by looking at it closely.

    Engagement Ring album | Sinarta | Fotki.com
  2. i have never heard of something like that appearing after you get it but i do know that carbon spots exist. if that is it it would have been there when you got it. other than a good cleaning i don't know what to tell you and you have already done that. you are right to have the jeweler check it out for you. he will either clean it away or tell you what it is. good luck. :yes:
  3. Thanks for the reply queen. That is what I was thinking that maybe it just needs a good professional cleaning maybe a steam cleaning. I will do that as I had already planned and give you an update.
  4. No, I don't believe it is very common for a diamond to become flawed... However, I'm no jeweler. Since you have only had the ring since Christmas, is it possible you didn't notice the inclusion before?

    There are a few different types of inlcusions that diamonds can have... and your jeweler can help identify that. As long as the inclusion isn't a crack (which it doesn't sound like), you should be fine.

    My center stone has a very small carbon in the diamond, but it cannot be seen unless held up to a bright light. I don't mind too much, because the color and cut of the diamond is stunning. Not a big deal to me. If you're concerned you should get it checked out. Good luck!
  5. I don't think it's uncommon to discover an inclusion that's always been there but had gone unnoticed before.
  6. Maybe it was there before and I am just seeing the flaw, but I will know for sure when I go to a jeweler in the morning. But can anyone tell me how carbon spots look in diamonds? (I'm googling too.)
  7. Carbon looks like a solid black speck embedded in the diamond. Many diamonds have them, but if your diamond is VVS or better you probably shouldn't be able to see it with the naked eye. If it is in a side diamond, it is possible that your diamond grading was for the large middle stone and not for the accents? Ask the jeweler where it was purchased. If you can't see it without examining it for a long period of time and inches away, I wouldn't be too worried. Most people never see your ring that close.

    By the way, your ring looks very pretty. Congratulations on your engagement!
  8. ok, I just pulled out my appraisal summary of my ring and it says that my round cut accent diamonds are VS. Are you suppose to see carbon spots in VS diamonds? Suzi, it looks just as you described the black spot to be. I know it is not a big deal and no one else can see it, but everytime I look at the ring, I can see the flaw. I'm just hoping that it needs a professional cleaning!
  9. No, VS diamonds should be eye-clean!
  10. Well, maybe it just needs a professional cleaning like I said before. Thanks for all of the replys ladies and I will give you a update tomorrow!
  11. Maube your stone got switched by a unethical jeweler. It happens alot, got to be careful who you do business with!
  12. VS diamonds should not have inclusions that are seen by the naked eye! good luck!
  13. Yeah, black would be a carbon speck. VS diamonds should be pretty clean to the eye, but maybe it just depends on who did the grading of the stones? Was the appraisal done by the jeweler? Or did you have it independently done?

    Hopefully it just needs a good cleaning! But if it is also a little stone, maybe you could just have it replaced if it is carbon and it is bothering you?
  14. Well, I just came from the jeweler and on one of my side stones, it is indeed a carbon spot and I know that spots are not suppose to be in VS diamonds. I don't know where my fiance got the ring from, but I just talked to him about and asked them about the company policy and he said that you have 30 days to return if anything is wrong with the ring. But since it is a accent diamond on the side, I'm just having it replaced by my jeweler because it is an eye sore to me. Maybe next time I will inspect my jewerly more.
  15. It's been my experience that replacing small stones isn't too expensive, but still, :idea: it seems to me that the jeweler that sold it would probably be glad to replace it for free to keep you as a happy customer. Just a thought.