flaw in bag not captured by seller - what can i do now?

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  1. i bidded on this bag, albeit the not too clear pictures. seller described it as 'EXCELLENT CONDITION' & 'The condition is excellent with no scratches, scuffs or fading very slight warming on the handles'.

    this is her exact picture of the bag from the auction: http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4026/4333482421_453243e93d_o.jpg

    pictures i took of the bag (the colours look different as i took the pictures next to a window, hers are alot darker but it's definitely the same bag):
    http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4062/4333489967_fc92d05445_o.jpg (closeup)

    i received the bag and realised that there's a fold/scratch/wrinkle(?) on the back, only noticable if you look out for it on her picture. initially i thought it might have been a fold that occured during the shipping process but up till now, it has not disappeared! i emailed her asking what was it and this was the reply i got:

    Hi,there was no scratch on the bag ,it was very wrinkly but this how 2005 are as I have had many of them.This how it was from Balenciaga ,it Is very beautiful and collectors item and you got it at as amazing price for this rare bag.

    BUT the leather of the rest of the bag is very smooth and very slightly wrinkled.... this "wrinkle" looks too even and long to be part of the nature of the leather?

    is there anything i can do? :shocked:
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    Duckiee... this looks like a FIRST?
    Have I seen bals with a 'fold' mark? YES. You might post on the bal forum and ask the girls "will it go away"? As that would matter to me.. IS IT PERMANENT?

    Should the seller photo and describe this.. YES, IMO, as I too love bal, and this is something I would want to know about.

    If this is a "fold" mark that you cannot live with, advise the seller that you wish to send it back for a full refund. Was this an EBAY purchase??
  3. bal gal here. doesn't look like fold as much as it almost looks like a deep wrinkle or cut. bags are smooshy and there are veins in the leather but not quite sure this is normal.
  4. Ellie Mae & dusty paws, thanks for your fast response!

    yes, it's a first from ebay... i will post on the bal forum to ask if it will go away, hopefully it will?

    i am more surprised that this wrinkle/distress/fold(i have no idea what to call it!), if it is natural, occurs on such a smooth bag! plus, it looks so even (and obvious!).
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    I agree.. I am not sure what the CAUSE is. That one is more diagonal.
    I would doubt it would completely disappear, but don't know for sure.

    The option may be to return, depending upon where/how purchased.
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    IF you don't wish to keep the bag, talk to the seller VIA EBAY MESSAGING about a return/refund. If this cannot be negotiated, then you will need to file a dispute on ebay or PP or just keep it. Your call.

    Is this bag lambskin??

  7. If it's from 05 it'll be chevre not lamb....and i would NOT be happy with this at all, i'd be looking for a return.
    I'm assuming this is magenta ?
  8. Sorry about this. This is NOT normal on 05 bags. I used to collect them and had over 30 Balenciagas from 05 and earlier. I would want to return the bag unless it was a real bargain price. JMHO. Good luck!
  9. Another Bal lover here....

    That bag is lovely and a beautiful color, but yeah, that mark is tough to ignore.
    I would probably be distressed about it.
    That plus the "slight warming" of the handles would probably be too much for me.
    It's a shame though.
    IDK ~ if the price you paid was nice does that make a difference?
    I say Boo to the seller for not mentioning it, that's not right IMHO.....
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    ITA. :yes:

    Folds in leather, like that, don't just disappear, unfortunately; they're permanent. :sad:

    Looks like the seller rucked the bag up, in the pic, to try to disguise it? :s

    Probably happened when whoever she bought the bag from (probably at an even more 'amazing price', LOL!) shipped it to her, I'm guessing?

    Or the person before that - from what I can gather, some of these bags have really 'been around'! :sweatdrop:

    That's why good packaging methods are so vital, of course.

    I have a gorgeous, really rare, appliquéd, older Chloe belt that was folded in half and stuffed in an envelope to ship and it now has a permanent fold; breaks my heart! :sad:
  11. that's something that should have been disclosed. I highly doubt that will come out and if it bothers you, it would me!, I would file a SNAD through ebay. You wouldn't get your money out of it if you tried to relist.
  12. Any news on this OP ?
  13. Don't pay any attention to her comment that you got a great price. The price you paid is irrelevant. It's a Buyer's market on eBay, and as the winning bidder, the price you paid was the going rate for that purse as she described it, which was excellent condition. Clearly the condition is not excellent, and if you would have known that you (and possibly the other bidders) wouldn't have bid as high or at all. I had the same situation with a purse that was damaged, and the seller claimed it was a "great price" and therefore I didn't deserve a refund.

    Great price my foot. I didn't want a damaged purse at any price and it sounds like you don't either.

    If she won't cooperate (full refund including original shipping) file a SNAD. eBay's new Buyer Protection Program is great for the buyer, I feel confident you would win.

  14. :yes:
  15. hi all,

    sorry for disappearing on thread. i was away for awhile.

    anyway, i have decided to keep the bag. i was more worried of it being a scratch, etc but i think it might have happened during the curing process of the bag, probably got folded and is permanent. it seems part of the natural characteristic of the leather, of which, i am quite ok with it.... plus, i dont really wanna deal with the drama...

    i am intending to leave fb indicating the lack of clear pictures and not mentioning the obvious deep wrinkle/scratch/distress/whatever in the bag... would it be a neutral or positive or should i be emailing her to inform her of that? it would be rather shocking to award a neutral without informing her beforehand and letting her resolve it? though i am not sure how else she can resolve it...
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