Flaw in Amore Print or just mine?

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  1. I was admiring my amore cucciolo in the mirror last night when I noticed something strange. Scattered in the print is printed in black "tokidoki by lesportsac" or whatever (sorry the bag is upstairs and I havent taken pix yet) and in the parts where the lettering overlaps another shape (the "doki") the black ink has run and it is extra thick like the ink smeared. Is this on anyone else's amore or just mine? I am pretty sure I am returning it because this is not supposed to be a cheap bag. I will post pix later.
  2. All the bags are like that :sad: . My zucca has the same thing. We think it's an issue between the two colors. :shrugs:
  3. yeah the colors bleed on the heart. It's like that on all bags... I wonder if that's why they didn't make a lot? or "sold" more than they made :shrugs:
  4. I have some other tokidoki bags, did I not notice this? Or is it just this print?
  5. i noticed that too, in the wording.
  6. It's just this print Stefania.
  7. I noticed it too....but I'm keeping mine!!! I love it anyway!
  8. Yeah I noticed it too, but it's not THAT bad and it's not all big like on the Citta (the wording in general, not the defect). Since the rest of the print is fine I definately will be keeping my Amore stuff.
  9. you'd think for 150-200$ you'd get quality products,
    smeared colors, rivets that fall off, zippers that gets stuck? :confused1:
  10. We're paying for the artwork...not the craftmanship! ha! I bet Simone isn't getting enough $$ ! ! ! !
  11. I just checked my other bags, and none of them have the wording overlapping the print. It's an error with the printer or the files they sent to the printer that happens when you deal with cheap printers. It has to do with the trapping (space between different shapes and colors) and the speed in which they lay down the inks. It's really not THAT bad, and it does not take away from the cuteness in the pattern, but it shows they use cheap processes, and these are not cheap bags!
  12. This is why I only get LeSportsac when they are doing it with somebody else...otherwise I pretty much never buy their stuff lol.

  13. i don't need it to be perfect, but 'not falling apart' is kinda basic, even for cheaper bags. :shrugs:
    i'm not blaming tokidoki, i'm blaming lesportsac, a bag that costs over a 100$ should not fall apart in my opinion (but hey, i'm getting one anywayz :shame:smile:.
  14. I think that the falling apart ones are just a fluke. I've never had problems with mine and my mom was YANKING at the rivet on my Amore Denero because they thought it opened that way (like, it was a snap) and it is still holding tight. And my pirata with the difficult zipper has been improving with use. But yeah, I 1000% would never buy LeSportsac without having a guest artist/designer that I liked. I don't like their normal designs or anything one bit x_X;
  15. Yeah it's not falling apart at all. The diaper pad is sooo cute! It's just the ink smear bothers me, but I didnt even notice it at first, and I am in printing and design and I ALWAYS notice these things. I was just so overwhelmed by the cuteness of the pattern, and like I said, it really does not detract too much from the overall bag.