Flavor of Love- Season 3 Information

  1. Well it's confirmed, there will be a season three!! Wonder what happened to Deelishus??? LOL Check out the video. It is safe for work.

    Go get him ladies!!! :roflmfao: I didn't know there were any skankalicious hot messes left for another season.



    Flavor Flaaavvvv!!!!!! That’s right, your favorite hype man is back in action and he is looking for love…again. He’s been burned twice, but this romantical man with a big heart is not throwing in the towel yet, he’s gonna give it one more shot. Can Flav find true love? Can you help him? You guys picked some amazing men for Miss New York (see them in action later this year on VH1), so we thought we would turn to you again for your help. Flav needs some new women who can match his new A-List lifestyle. So America, now it’s up to you. Enter the competition or cast your vote. If you can get online, you get to play. Are you the lady who could handle Flav? Do you have the eye it takes to select the right ladies for him? If so, we need your help! You know what time it is! SIGN UP, get registered, and get started. If you want to be a contestant (click here) or if you want to be a judge (click here); you’re invited to create your own Flavor of Love profile and start building your community. Post your user profile, chat with others in the community, vote for your favorite competitors. It’s fun and registration takes only minutes. Just give us the essentials and you’re on your way.


    Do you really want a chance to win Flav’s heart on national television? Well, then you better get out the video camera and let us know why you’re better than those crazy ladies from before. It’s simple, really. Sign up for the competition, check out the submission requirements, and get busy. Create a profile that sells YOU, the lady that you are. Create and upload an introductory video highlighting all your qualities, and include a still photo of your sexy self to complete the package. The competition will be open for entries and for the public to cast votes for about 6 weeks total to determine the big winners. There are some submission requirements you must complete to become his lady. If you’re one of the lucky five contestants with the highest number of votes when the competition ends, you could be headed to Flav’s mansion for the taping of the third season of VH1's hit show. Oh, and tell everyone you know to vote for you. Cause, that’s how you win. We made up a few rules... but we’ll leave the breathtaking submissions and the voter lobbying power up to you. Remember, unless you tell us why you’re ‘the one’, we’ll never know. And, in the end, 5 insanely deserving women will get to woo Flav with their charm, their love, their compassion – and the 19 cameras that will probably follow them everywhere – as cast members on Flavor of Love 3, airing next year on VH1. VOTE Do you have that ultimate eye for casting? Have you found your favorite Pumkin or Hottie for this season? Here’s how to do it:

    1) Register to be a voter.

    2) Dive in to the ultimate collection of the most mind blowing, jaw dropping, and heart pounding contestant profiles you’ve ever seen. Who do you like? No, not for you, for Flav. The classy lady, the stuck-up snob, or what about another HBIC? 3) Vote for your favorite. And if you really want her to win, tell your friends to vote for YOUR favorite as well! The girls with the most votes will get to date Flav. Those with the least votes are losers before the show even gets started. *Note – Voting is limited to 1 vote per person / per day - however, you can vote for as many different people as you want all day. If you have a favorite, come back each day and cast a vote for them. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?! Flav has given you the power to help choose him a woman. So if you’ve ever said “Gee I’m the perfect lady for Flav” or “Hey, I know the perfect woman for Flav” then now it’s time to get off your butts and shine for all the world to see. This is your chance to wow the masses with your brilliant personality and blissful demeanor, or determine the fate of a lady who thinks he has what it takes to be a contestant on VH1's FLAVOR OF LOVE 3. FLAV NEEDS YOU!
  2. God help us all.

    You do realize, of course, that this means I will be on this thread learning every scandalous detail.
  3. I say go for it Hubba! :graucho:
  4. i will not be watching this season.
  5. Oh good lord....that is a travesty...but I sure will watch it!!! HAHA...it can only get better, right?!?!
  6. I almost don't think I can watch... but of course I will.

    I wonder if New York will back again...

    Not that I don't love them but these trainwreck reality shows are starting to get a bit scripted if you ask me.
  7. Deelishis post Flav of lov 2 - she created a jeans line name Deelishis (of course) for gals with a bottom like her.
    She is making an album, no sure what type of music.
    and about her relationship with flav of love, he called one day and told that it was over...

    She was featured on VH1s realityTV Star segment which I happen to catch ...
  8. haha I will be watching.
  9. ^ So will I :graucho:
  10. why> why? why?:nogood:
  11. I CANNOT wait!!! OMG!!! It's time for Flav to have another kid... I hope Becky Buckwild gets back on, since she's publicly said she'd have Flav's kid.

    I hope I get the invite for the Reunion taping! I went to the Charm School Reunion taping, and a LOT of juicy details were revealed that weren't on the show. I loooove living in LA!!
  12. I didn't know there were enough nasties out there for three series?????
  13. ^^ I know, scary huh? LOL
  14. OOO, I cant wait.. hell yea Ill be watching and theres gonna be a I love NY Part 2!!!

  15. I saw that too! I'm happy for her. She seemed genuine, and her voice is AMAZING. She seriously has a voice like Whitney Houston, she's a powerhouse.

    I loved FoL 2, but this third season seems like a bit too much. What, is Flave gonna dump this girl after the reunion show so that he can do FoL 4? :rolleyes: