Flavor of Love 3

  1. I just saw the casting show. Does anyone knows when this show is on the air again?

    CANT WAIT!!:yahoo:
  2. I have no idea but I can't wait!!
  3. I ***think*** I heard something about it airing the first of the year (Jan or Feb???). I can't wait.
  4. Make sure you vote for me. LOL
  5. It's going to film later this year, and then air in early 2008. I guess we have I Love New York 2 to keep us occupied until then, right?? :drinkup:
  6. Oh man, I'm sure I'll tune into this trainwreck of a show/series again!
  7. Of course I'll be watching.
    I never get tired of trashy reality shows!
  8. Lol i can't wait.
  9. How long can they milk this? But I admit it, I'll tune in!
  10. DRAMA DRAMA - I cant believe Buck Wild applyed to be on the Flavor of Love 3 again......

    Cant wait for I :heart: NY 2 ..... OCTOBER 8? I think.....:yahoo: