Flaunt your new Damier Speedy here!

  1. My new 30, and a family photo. :flowers:
    DamierSpeedy30_02.jpg FamilyPhoto_060601.jpg
  2. :love: :love: :love: totally LOVE the new Damier Speedy!!! cant wait to see and drool over more pics!!!
  3. Congrats !!! It's gorgeous !!!
  4. Here is mine:
    PICT2635.JPG damier2_pic.JPG
  5. lv_addict

    love the speedy 30 on you
    you make the bag "work" for me!
  6. :shocked: I love the way it looks with jeans and a t-shirt!:love:
  7. pidgeon92, your ellipse looks so new!!!:love: Do you ever use it?
  8. It is relatively new.... I got it in March, it was my first LV.... It was lonely, so I had to get it some friends... :P I used it alot when I first got it, now that it is warmer I use the Salsa more, but they both have to compete with Speedy after today!
  9. Great photos of your collection. The damier 30 looks great. It's nice to see the salsa in proportion to it. Enjoy!!!
  10. OMG :nuts: It looks fab on you LV Addict. I'm definitely getting one. How much was it? Congrats!
  11. 565 for the 25 and 585 for the 30, same as mono :smile:.
  12. Congrats. They're gorgeous!
  13. I hear you!!!:lol:
  14. Great bag! Just noticed the Damier Keepall on elux too.
  15. here's mine:
    damier1a.JPG damier2a.JPG