Flatulent Passenger Grounds Flight


tPF Bish
Jul 7, 2006
NASHVILLE, Tenn., Dec 6 (Reuters Life!) - It may be one problem airline security officials never envisioned -- a passenger lighting matches in flight to mask odors from her flatulence.

The woman's actions resulted in an emergency landing on Monday in Nashville of an American Airlines flight bound for Dallas from Washington, D.C., said Lynne Lowrance, a spokeswoman for Nashville's airport.

Other passengers reported the odor of burned matches, but the woman was not forthcoming when asked about it, Lowrance said on Wednesday.

"Of course, she was scared and embarrassed but all the passengers had to disembark, all the luggage had to be searched, a canine team was brought in, and about three hours were consumed in sorting out the situation," she said.

The woman was not allowed back on the flight and barred from flying on American Airlines, Lowrance said.

"Since there was no malice involved and the incident was accidental, she was not charged with anything," she said.

Passengers are permitted four books of paper safety matches on a plane but cannot light them during flight, Lowrance said.

"I've had calls from people all over the country about this," she said. "And I don't have the answer to this problem."
I read this and I couldnt stop laughing! I dont know, its frustrating for the other passengers whose flight got interfered but the story is just so lame..

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we will be needing to make an emergency landing due to someone passing some horrible gas. Your oxygen masks will be lowered in a bit." lol..
Claire Burke's Potpourri spray would have - oh wait. You can't have aerosols on airplanes either. Maybe she should try accidentally spilling some essential oil next time. Jasmine, maybe. It's not too expensive, and it is strong enough to cover up the smell of even simmering chitlins. Liberty Naturals has the best, and they are very reasonable. ;)