"Flattering styles for boyish figures" thread

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  1. Inspired by the "flattering clothes for busty girls" thread, i decided to start one for us girls w/boyish figures.
    i'm 5" 2. i weight about 117. i have no boobs to speak of and i have what my bf kindly refers to as a 'boyish' figure :P.

    i figured it would be nice to have our own thread where we can offer styling advice/tips on what works for us and what doesn't.

    what works for me:

    -skinny jeans. i find that dresses in general make me look like a walking beanpole. jeans however, jeans i like. skinny jeans especially! skinny jeans however seem to elongate my legs when worn w/heels. since i can't show off cleavage, i might as well show off my lean legs.
    -minis. minis are the only type of dresses that look good on me. again- it's all about showing off what I can (legs!) since cleavage is out of the question. i personally find that long sleeved mini dresses are most flattering on me. just cz i'm already showing so much leg, having my arms covered seems to provide a nice contrast.
    -waist belts. wearing a waist belt gives me some sort of shape.
    -vnecks. the V seems to create some sort of optical illusion that might pass for cleavage. yay!

    what doesn't work for me:

    -dresses in general. i dont look good in dresses generally cz it tends to flatten my already boyish figure.
    -tube tops. just no. it makes my non boobs seem even flatter!
    -boat necks. again- somehow it seems to make my non boobs seem flatter!

    please join in, my fellow hotties w/boyish figures!

  2. also, i feel like rather than trying to fight against my figure, i should embrace it. w/that said, im really digging the whole androgynous look!


    photo credit: not sure but i found this floating around a fashion blog.
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