flattering jeans

  1. hey guys! i was just wondering what type of jeans you like best for your body type...i'm cleaning out my closet and could use some input since i need a couple of great pairs of jeans. thanks!
  2. Paige!!!

    I'm skinny with no butt it gives me a nice behind!!!
  3. i've found rock & republic the best fit , next would be true religion. the best thing to do for finding a "perfect" pair of jeans is go to a big department store like norstroms, Saks, nm, etc or if you have a boutique around you that specializes in jeans and try on a bunch of pairs.
  4. Seven "A" pockets are the best fit on me. Then, Rock and Republic. Then, True Religion. I also have some AG jeans that look nice too.
  5. I need to get me some of those!
  6. R&Rs and J&Co work best for me.:yes:
  7. James Cured by Seun is also great for us gals w/ no behinds!
  8. I love True Religion and Blue Cult jeans
  9. Citizens of Humanity are by far the best fit for me. Love them!!
  10. JEN I LOVE Paige denim too. Paige, True Religion, and VB R&R fit me the best because of their slimmer cuts in both the waist and thigh.

    I'm really skinny, with a 23 inch waist and find that anything from Seven & COH runs way to big for me (although I adore the Seven A pockets hehe).

    Height wise is another story. I'm only 5'1 so I get every pair of pants I own hemmed!
  11. I love SFAM and COH

    I tried Paige - strangely they did not look good on me. You have to try them all!

    (and I wear a size 0-2!)
  12. i'm curvy and TR, COH, joe's and SFAM all look good on me
  13. so, I want a pair of R&R's. . . are they really only cut for tiny gals?

    I'm an average girl!
  14. I have a small wasit and a HUGE behind :graucho:

    I like my Levi's ! Joe's are also very nice :heart:
  15. hm.. what jeans fit best? I think this is something that depends on your body type.

    for those with no butt, true religions, R&R, sassbide misfits, and other skinny fitted jean with pockets on them are amazing.

    for those with some butts try straight legged pants - and I know true religion have pretty good ones of these, and joes is known for lovely butt enhancing.
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