Flattened hems, is there any rescue?

  1. So my search for a dry cleaner continues. My last try didn't put pins through my scarves (after my 10 min prep talk) but flattened all of the hems nevertheless.

    So my question is, can flattened hems ever be re-plumped? Do they stay that way for ever?
  2. Grand Fonds is the expert in this department. You should contact her.
  3. tods - I re-plumped the hems of my Japonaise sur fond noir scarf - and those hems were FLAT! After washing it (by hand, of course), I left the scarf damp, and then went around the edges, rolling the hems in my fingertips like a roll your own cigarette (Shopmom is the one to ask about THIS technique - LMAO!)...it takes FOREVER, and I actually ended up with cramping in my hands, but it's worth it. Keep the hems damp (mine kept drying out, but it's summer here - and HOT!)...and gently roll until they plump up (having said gently, I was actually quite rough on mine - no problems). Then I finished the whole process off with a severe steam from my steam iron - and I have a Laura Star professional iron - HOT steam under a lot of pressure - the scarf can take it...trust me.
    I'm thinking the next time my scarf needs a wash (I try not to wash my vintage ones very often), I'll do it again, to really plump them up, but they are nice and fat now, as it is.

    I have another vintage beauty coming my way next week (Ali Baba, I've been looking for it forever!), and apparently the hems are flat, so this time, I'll take pics as I go, to show the process!

    Good Luck!
  4. ^GF rides in to the rescue!!!
  5. clip-clap, clip-clap........
  6. GF & Orchids - Thank you!
  7. Thanks GF, you are always a wonderful source of information.

    I can't wait to see those "process" pics!
  8. LOL...I can't wait to get the scarf!! Let me know how you go, if you decide to try it!
  9. Oh I am going to. Just as soon as I get myself a professional steam iron! I know you said you have Laura Star, can that be purchased in the US as well? Any other steam iron brands?
  10. I'm sure you could get a Laura Star in the US....I think it was either gracekelly or orchids that said they had a great one, too, and they're in the US.