1. Hi Ladies!

    I want to try out flats (I'm usually a heel girl), but the minute I put my feet into them, they hurt my feet. I think I might have high arches. Do you have any suggestions for cute flats with arch support or a way to make them more comfortable? Thank you!!
  2. Try some sort of in sole maybe?
  3. I am a heel girl as well, I feel your pain! (literally) :rolleyes:

    The only thing you can do is try on different flats on an individual basis. There is no magic flat for us high arched footers. Though with us heel girls - a lot of it is in our head sadly, haha, so if you find a TDF flat it helps a lot. We take the pain! :lol: My TDF flats are usually chanel. :heart: Juicy Couture is also fabulous with flats!

    Though you might want to try flats with a tiny bit of heel, like Robert Clergerie new flat of the season:

    If you're interested... she's called Floride, price tag is about $444
    Hope this post helped a bit. :shrugs: Good luck!
  4. Wow those shoes are gorgeous! I love your signature too! Where did you find it?
    priin : I just ordered some Dr. Scholl's insoles, so I'll bring them with me when I try on ballet flats.
  5. I suffer from high arch/high instep but wear flats all the time, and the flatest of flats too....Lanvin ballet pumps.

    The reason why you have discomfort when attempting to switch to flats is because your feet are trained to walk in heels. You need to gradually work down to a flat by wearing a kitten heel or low wedge