1. I'd love to walk around in flats all day but I feel so short in them...I'm 5ft 5 in and weigh 110...and heels make me look long and slender...I feel chunky in flats...anyone else feel the same???
  2. Yes I know exactly how you feel. I think it is all in our heads though :yes:

    I am 5'4 size 4 and I always feel dumpy in flats but when I ask my husband or my friend (who is a fantastic stylist) they think I look fabulous!

    My stylist friend swears that flats are all about proportion and that you just have to have the right clothes on when you wear them.

    I did buy some Chanel flats and wear them with skinny jeans and I do have to admit that it looks great and I feel good in them.

    I think it is a matter of just getting used to them.
  3. I am 5'3 (so even shorter... ) and married to a 6' something chap (1.95 m) and I still wear flats - just love them. I know I can wear heels as high as I like and still look short next to my hubby, but I just love ballet flats.... can't walk past them...
  4. I'm 5'4" so I know your dilema. I'm so glad flats are popular. I'm not a fan of the 4" heels that are so "in" right now so I have been buying more flats. I don't think I could get anywhere in really high heels without me feet hurting.
  5. hah! i'm barely 5'2 and i always wear flats because heels kill my feet. i'm a weakling. i know what you mean though, i do feel like a munchkin.
  6. ^^^ LOL same here! I'm around 5'5 to 5'6 and only wear heels veeerrry occasionally when I KNOW I don't have to walk a lot! I :heart: flats though so I guess it all works out!
  7. I'm 5'4 and find myself wearing flats all the time. They are more comfortable and as long as I have the right outfit on, it looks classier.
  8. I think heels are ALWAYS going to help you look taller and more slender than you are, not to mention they make you walk gracefully and do wonders for your posture....with all that in mind, I'm a little fuller figured myself and I always used to wear heels because of everything I just mentioned....but the flat craze ended up luring me in anyway....I KNOW i look shorter and fatter than I am, and that I walk differently when I'm wearing them, but frankly their so darn cute I just don't care. I've racked up quite a cute collection and now that they're so "fashionable", at least I think were all walking around feeling the same...shorter and chunkier...but it's okay...I too believe it's really mostly in our heads. Not too mention, theirs nothing better than slipping on a comfy pair of cute flats after walking around in some killer heels all day (before flats were in style I always ended up changing into sneakers....so UNfashionable...:rolleyes: )
  9. i wear flats most of the time, except if i know that i won't be needing to walk a lot. i'm also 5'5, but am actually heavier than you (i'm 118lb). before i had children, i've always worn high heels and the first time i wore flats i felt short as well....but i think it's more cause i wasn't used to them. i'm sure you still look slim and slender even wearing flats :yes:.
  10. Heels cause foot, leg and back problems. We were originally built to walk flat on our feet (well, and hands too, but I'll ignore that for the sake of this post) so why not do what comes naturally? I love my flats. :smile:
  11. AH ha! I Beat you all! I am only 5' zip and I love flats because they are so comfy. Yes, i feel super short and stumpy at times but my feet thank me for it. although... i would love to have a pair of CL's Bruges just to oogle at them because they are soooo gorgeous. It would be nice to see things from a 5'4" prespectve for once though... and just hate being so short!