flats!!! which ones?

  1. I'm deciding to order either:
    or the striped ones that arent on the site?!:confused1:
  2. Do you mean the twill stripe pattern ones?
  3. I kind of like the ones you have posted here over the stripe. Now thats just me, I loved the striped pattern but on the shoes I think I prefer these.
  4. the striped ones are sold out...i called sprinkles earlier this week and tried to order them... :sad:
    but i have those patchwork flats. theyre gorgeous!
  5. I prefer the ones above. The stripe flats are going to be really hard to pull off IMO.
  6. The striped ones are cute but this would match more stuff. I like metallics better anyway. :yes:
  7. I love the patchwork one better than the stripes. The pthwk ones would match more clothes.
  8. I like both, but I'm with the other ladies here - I think the patchwork will be more versatile.
  9. I really like the patchwork ones you posted. Perfect for fall!
  10. I think with all the colors in the stripes they're versatile too...hope my mom listened to me and bought them already...they're supposed to be one of my upcoming presents!!!!
  11. I like the patchwork ones, just because i think they are easier to match things with and they are beautiful. The Stripe ones are adorable though.
  12. I like the patchwork ones.
  13. I prefer the patchwork flats.
  14. The patchwork are very cute for the fall and would also look good, IMO, in the spring with a cute pair of khaki or brown crop pants.
  15. The patchwork are cute!! I am not big on the stripes on shoes...