Flats: She Said "Great Idea!"


Jul 6, 2008
Okay, she wants to know what styles we have in mind. Said she'd like to see some. Maybe we could find pix of flats we like and send them to her? Do we want very plain? A Mary Jane type? Any sort of decoration? If you could have a pair of Belen Ballerinas, what would you want them to look like? Describe in words and/or send a picture to Junie!



Dec 11, 2009
What I would love to see is a little ballet flat that is elegant and simplistic in it's design.

BE's designs are both so utterly beautiful and functional so I envision this flat to be very comfortable. I know that there would be something that makes it unique from other designers, not only because of the BE luscious leather, but I am certain they will come up with a little twist that makes it unique and unlike any other.

I have the utmost confidence that this design will stand alone, be brilliant and have us all giggling with excitement.


Jun 20, 2008
oooooooooooooo Would love it. It's so hard to find a nice flat in a color that isn't way out there or work-black, and that doesn't have obvious embellishments on them like flowers or buckles or sequins. I know if BE did one it would be as tasteful as their bags. I would be totally psyched (my wallet may disagree). Ballet flats or a peeptoe flat would be lovely imo. Ballet flats you could just smoosh up and pop in your BE bag and take with you!
Jun 19, 2009
I have weird feet - really fat feet as a kid - had to wear the triple E widths and after having DD they got flatter and weirder. So I dont have outside -wearing ballerina flat feet but I think it is a marvelous idea and love the idea of having a pair to use as glamorous house slippers -lol (besides wouldnt want them to get dirty-ha ha)


Feb 8, 2007
Ariel..Don't fret!! I have wide, duck-like feet and nr 2 toe is about half and inch longer than the rest..plus my feet are LARGE..so my feet are the weirdest in the entire world!!!

BUT I'm confident Jackie will make me a couple..LOL!!


Sep 13, 2007
Maybe people with weird, fat feet are genetically predisposed to love BE bags? I have super weird fat feet, too. (years spent in ballet/pointe shoes)

The thought of ballet flats scares me but excites me too. I looked forever for a pair of pewter sandals to go with my Rock Me Midi. Everything was either too shiny or too matte. Too ugly or too uncomfortable. Frustrating.


Jul 6, 2008
Oh!! Ballet flats would be so fun! Should we email jackie or junie? I have a few styles i'd love to see :smile: and yes the pewter sounds wonderful!

I'm sorry. Junie and Jackie are the same person. One day I called Jackie "Juniper Jones" and the name stuck like super glue. Then, of course, she became Junie. "Yes, write to JACKIE CAWTHRA about what style flats you like, or maybe send pix too!!

I like very plain ones, myself.

She wants to hear from everyone!