Flats painful (no cage)!

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  1. Have any of you ladies experienced pain with the cage less rockstud flats? The shoes are a perfect size, but the back of the flats dig into my heels when walking. The leather is very stiff!

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  2. Yes they are hurty when new !

    Try wearing around the house with socks on to gently stetch
    the leather a bit.
    Place mole skin strips on the areas that are rubbing.
    Try the blister block stick

    These shoes DO need a break-in period unfortunately, whether they are caged or not. They are lovely, but breaking them in can be rough !! Good luck!!
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  3. i feel you :sad: i got a pair of gorgeous rockstud flats (caged version though) and they shred my heels every time i wear them! ive slapped on countless bandaids and even had them stretched by a cobbler but... they are still quite painful and cause blisters after about ~30 minutes of walking around. i think i will just need to bring bandaids with me until they either break in completely or my heels develop strong enough calluses, whichever comes first LOL! i do recommend getting them stretched, that helped a little for me.
  4. Checking in... I wore them over the weekend. Although it grew more tortuous as the hours gained, I think they are finally breaking in. I was able to wear them longer until they began hurting. I'm soaking my feet in epsom salts as we speak.

    I will try again next week. Hopefully, they have been broken in by now.
  5. I had the ballet flats (no cage) and I got rid of them they were just too painfully uncomfortable to wear. Now, I can wear the caged flats they don't hurt my feet.
  6. Good to know that I am not the only one that feels that the rock stud flats are not comfortable. They hurt, both the caged or the normal flats. However I just bought a pair of the soft velvet rock stud ballet ballerina but haven't worn them yet. Not sure if they are more comfortable, any thoughts?
  7. This thread is very helpful! I haven't returned my recently bought patent flats because they are so pretty, but it looks like a lot of people are having issues with how much they hurt. I actually understand tolerating pain when in heels - but flats should be our "safe" shoes, really, they should be comfy!
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  8. I found mine to be pretty good. No blisters but not pillows either. I would keep them. In saying this I've only worn them twice but that was at least 3 hours.
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  9. I put moleskin inside the flats at the back and it's helped tremendously, haven't had any blisters since.
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  10. I've had no issues with mine what's so ever. I have very narrow feet and they fit me great
  11. IMG_1499415943.564260.jpg

    I'll chime in. I bought these because I love the color, and I got my standard size 39.5. These are patent. I was hoping they would be my go-to dressy flats since they'd go with almost anything since poudre is a nice nude. I did not have any problems with the heel, but my skin right underneath the big toes suffered lots of abrasions :sad: So they are now sitting in a shoe rack after 3 wears.
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  12. IMG_1499416410.715487.jpg

    I bought these nude espadrilles last month (to replace the patent flats). These are not dressy (or sexy per se), but they are super comfy (lamb skin), and perfect for the summer. So in the end, I chose comfort over looks . I try not to suffer too much for fashion--at least not in flats (like someone else already stated in a post above).
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  13. Wow, I'm so surprised. I thought the Valentino Rockstuds were always known for their comfort but I guess those are the heels.
  14. I have two pairs of the Rockstud flats in patent (both were on super sale) so I got them both at the same time. I'm a size US 5 with a wide foot and I have a pair in 34.5 and a pair in 35. They both fit but my heel slips in the 35 if I'm not careful to walk slowly lol. The patent is so stiff that both of my pairs are on my shoe rack as well.

    It's such a shame because I would love to wear these as I love flats and these were supposed to be my everyday go-to. Unfortunately they have a whole host of rubbing issues depending on the two sizes I got.

    My feet just basically don't feel that secure in them. Plus they're blingy with the rockstuds and patent leather so I just feel not confident taking these outside as I don't want to look like a fool wearing highly recognizable shoes.

    I mean, has anyone had success "toughing it out" and they eventually get better? Or should I just sell these two pairs?
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  15. Thinking of getting those! How's the sizing?
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