flats in winter?

  1. I have a lot of cute flats and I was wondering if I could wear them when it's cold too?

    If you say yes, how would I do that? Which kind off socks would go?

    Or maybe you say, 'I don't think you can make it work, flats should be worn without socks'
  2. i wear flats all year!
    sometimes when it is cold i wear those thin socks, (panty kousjes, don't know the english word but your from belgium right? ;) )
    but like now, i don't wear those..alltough i might..my feet feel frozen sometimes ;)
    maybe 2 pairs of those thin socks can work too? they can be skin colour or black..

    I have seen this dutch stylist, Dyanne Beekman, wearing pumps with grey socks, normal socks..
  3. I wear them all year also. I bought merino wool and angora socks in a variety of colors to wear b/c my feet are always cold, esp in Chicago in the winter!
  4. i wear them all year too.. except when i lived in nyc i'd trade off for boots when it snowed! i just wear cute, thin socks!
  5. Lol, I get it :okay: thanks for the answers!
  6. I wear them all the year! I wear something like a small sock made of microfiber, so it's a bit thick and it's not too cold. Somedays, anyway, it's too cold the same, so I usually don't wear them in January-February... but love them! :heart:
  7. I wear the panty hose socks (available at CVS for like 7) with my flats. the sock is very sheer like panty hose.
  8. Don't your feet get cold even with the thin socks or panty hose socks because they are so thin? I wish someone made thin warm socks! I would have to buy my flats in a bigger size if I want to wear them with warm socks comfortably (like I do with boots), but since I don't I have to retire my flats in cold weather :sad:
  9. Those thin panty socks also make my feet slide out of my flats :confused1:
  10. is it cold where you live? if so then stick w/ boots... or if it is wet then stick w/ boots...
  11. I wear flats year round but if it's going to rain and it does a LOT, then I wear boots.
  12. They make my feet slip out too. I would just opt to wearing boots instead. Or if you can find cute socks, I guess you could wear them with your flats, but IMO it looks a little tacky to wear flats with socks.