Flats for narrow feet?

  1. Is there anywhere online that has flats for narrow feet? I always see flats that I love, but cannot have because I need a narrow.:censor:

    Any assistance would be appreciated.:girlsigh: Thanks!
  2. i have the same problem.. SOMEONE ANSWER! heh
  3. Doesn't it drive you crazy? I love the way the J.Crew flats look, but they all say "M" (Medium).:rant:
  4. yeah it does drive me nuts! heh. ohh i love the leopard print flats from jcrew!
  5. :nuts: Me too!:love: :lol:
  6. I have narrow feet too. What if you wore them with a lightweight sock.
  7. keds have a S M W option on their sizing.... small, medium, wide :smile:
  8. me three!! helllp! :smile:
  9. :sos:
  10. stuart weitzman, stanley eisenman, etc.

    You could also go to Zappos and search by your size, flats, and a narrow width. I bet that there would be alot on there
  11. :smile: Great idea...I never thought to do this!!! Thanks!
  12. hm... sigerson morrison is quite narrow actually.. ferragamo too.. yeah maybe u cud try to get those flats that has elasticized banding around the shoes..
  13. Bingo! Sigerson Morrison are typicaly very narrow. Sometimes I really wish I had narrow feet. If I did, I would be getting these in half a heartbeat. My very average B-width spills over the sides of every SM shoe I have tried. Makes me want to cry.
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