Flatirons Nordstrom Rack - Louisville CO

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  1. Went today - There were tons of sunnies, signature Legacy wallets, Legacy wristlets in raisin, optic flaps, chocolate leather ergos (almost bought one), lots of cute wristlets/change purses, a bunch of other random signature pieces. Great shoes, too... Valari (sp.?) flats (but not in an 8, of course), Ireland wedges, and much more in both flats and heels. Most of it was 50% off.
  2. Holy cow!!!! I wonder if the Rack near Park Meadows has any new goodies....thanks for the heads up! :smile:
  3. Thanks! I drive by there every day on my way home from work, I'll have to check and see if they have anything good left!
  4. The NR near Arden Mall kind of stinks, all they had was cheap looking Coach sunnies, but I might stop by there next week to see any purses. I'm so upset that my TJM didn't have a variety of Coach bags, only those rainbow stripe hobo and large flap. I'm sad that so many states are having better luck at finding cheaper Coach bags than in Sacramento.

    Ah well.