Flat & wide footed!

  1. This is my dilemma.. My shoes varies from size 5 to 6 and usually a size 6.5 for boots..

    Anyone has the same problem? What are the most comfortable shoes for wide and flat footed??? Any designers any of you ladies can recommend?

    I want to get a pair of ballet flats.. But I'm not sure which one tho.. I'm thinking of Tory Burch or London sole.. Probably Lanvins too..
    And I also need a pair of new pumps as well, but it can only be upto 3inches, or 3inches and a half the most I can do.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. London Sole is super comfortable. Get those for flats.
  3. thank you tresor chic... how do they fit tho? :smile:
  4. I tried a pair of Lanvin's and they are really snug - I think you need to try them on first to see which is comfy. my mum and I have the opposite problem, really narrow feet, and we found that car shoes are really wide-fitting, and the same is true of some Pradas (they did nice ballet flats! -I think we saw some in this forum)

    Don't know about French Sole (I tried them once and did not like their fit on my feet so I didn't get into it) - actually I found Repetto, Mascaro or Tods ballet flats more comfy. the first ones fit me true to size but Tods I can go down half size sometimes - a bit wide.
  5. I have a similar problem to you. I've got a wide foot, but my size is around size 9-10. I've also got a high arch, so sometimes the top of my foot doesn't fit into things :sad: Shoe shopping is a pain in the butt for me :sad:
  6. I also have a wide foot I have been pretty lucky with Coach shoes. And they best part is they are not to expensive.