Flat vs. Rolled Shoulder Straps

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  1. Do rolled shoulder straps hurt... what's your opinion on rolled shoulder straps versus flat ones on shoulder bags?
  2. A vote for flat, here. :yes:

    I think rolled are too hard and I generally prefer the way flat straps look.

    But then, I prefer slouchy shoulder bags, for day and they'd look odd with rolled straps/handles, anyway.
  3. I looved the betty chloe bag but I really didn't like the flat shoulder straps. They seemed to cut into my shoulder. So I will stick with rolled strap bags. ...no chloe for me =(
  4. ^ It probably depends on the shape of your shoulders. :idea:
  5. I much prefer rolled. It lasts longer.
    Handles are one of the biggest stress points on a bag; and flat ones tend to split at the "fold".
    Hasn't happened on any of mine yet, but I clearly remember my mom's and grandmom's.
  6. i have a jimmy choo with rolled straps and its a bit anoying when i am not wearing a coat but i when i do i find it best one to wear.
  7. I like both actually. Never really noticed a difference really.
  8. I tend to like flat better, but i really don't notice a difference between the two.
  9. Well... I don't really have a prefrence. Here's why:

    The flat tend to slide off my shoulders and the rolled seem to dig. Therefore, I just look for a lightweight bag and don't worry about the straps so much perse. We're gonna have an issue anyway.

  10. Rolled shoulder straps don't hurt if they are made well. I've a Balaenciaga Purse which has rolled shoulder straps and they are comfy like toast.
  11. Chain. Only chains, entwined with a little strip of bag material. This is currently the only bag suspension system that I find acceptable. This phase has already lasted several months. Who knows where it will end?

    I make exceptions only for the one-of-a-kind hand-embroidered pieces of wearable art which usually have cloth straps, though one of my most beautiful, and I guess in all fairness, most valuable, has a strap made of something like nylon webbing, but I never gave it any thought, I had to go look at them to see!
  12. I prefer flat for a shoulder bag. Most rolled handles I've encountered are too stiff and won't stay up on my shoulder. But, of course, rolled handles are better and more durable for an arm or hand-held bag.
  13. I think it depends on the size of the bag to which the bag is attached. I have rolled straps that are very comfortble, as well as the flat braided straps. Don't exactly know how to respond because each bag is different.
  14. hmm... i don't mind both :P
    because no matter which one it is, when i wear bare shoulders, both will leave me red mark anyway