Flat Suede Boot Recommendations

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    I'm looking for a pair flat suede boots. I'm not particular about the color, but I'd like them in brown or black preferably. I love the Steve Madden Tianna's, but don't really want to drop $95 on them right now. Does anyone know of any other similar boots that are cheaper, preferably under $50? Here is a pic of the Tiannas. Thanks!
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    What about Steve Madden Bonanza? They're listed for $50-$80 on endless.com (probably depending on colour and size)


    They're also listed for $26-$80 on Amazon.. again depending on colour/size, but you might get lucky.

    These are pretty similar too: http://www.endless.com/Madden-Girl-Womens-Jaylyne-Scrunch/dp/B0018DK3O6/ref=sr_1_8_vp/?cAsin=B0018DK2W4

    These are also an option but they're not real suede: http://www.dsw.com/dsw_shoes/catalog/product.jsp?index=34&category=dsw11cat40030&prodId=188531&brand=
  3. I love the bonanza's as well, but can't get the link to work on Amazon for some reason. Would love to get them for $26!!!

    ETA: I got it, but the ones under $50 are green. Not sure I could make that work with my wardrobe. Thank you thought, I'll definitely keep an eye out!!!

    Not sure how I feel about faux suede....
  4. Anyone else?
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  6. Is it okay to wear boots in NYC in September?
  7. They have the CL turbo in size 5.5 for $49.00 on Macy's.com...if that is your size!
  8. I just bought the Tiannas for $59 on sale at Macy's!
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    Jeh3v there were similar Steve Maddens (not sure of the style name) in Macy's they were I think $89 and then that was crossed out and it said $79. There are some Macy's coupons (if you are a credit card holder) out now for 20% off.. so that would make the Steve Maddens only about $64! Also they had similar boots by the brand "Report" that I don't remember the price but they were cheaper than the Steve Maddens. If you are looking to go really cheap, Charlotte Russe has suede (not sure if it's real suede, probably not) slouchy boots for $29.99 and they are having a promotion buy one shoe get one for $10. So you can end up with two pairs for only $39.99. Hope that helps!

    Wow just realized that this thread is from a whileeee ago. Oh well hope I helped someone out, lol.
  10. Check out VS too. I got a cheaper pair from them last year and love them.
  11. Holy crap girl I wish I had known about this sooner! I had a black pair of Steve Madden's Tianna, 8.5 :P
    But I sold them on the 'bay. Hey, definitely check out Marti & Liz Shoes. I got mine there for like $25!