Flat straps vs. rolled straps

  1. I finally saw the Deborah tote bag at 3 different stores yesterday (Bloomingdales, NM and Nordstrom) and it was love at first sight for the black with gold hardware! I usually carry a Multipocket, Blake with rolled handle straps or a Sophia with one flat handle strap. Do you think it would be difficult to keep the double flat straps of the Deborah on the shoulder without falling off? I love the large front zip pocket, my only reservation would be that the bag has no magnetic or zippered closure on the main part of the bag (afraid that things could fall out if not careful). On a side note, the SA at Bloomingdales said that they (I would assume all of their stores) would be having some sort of incentive on Thursday through Sunday to open a Bloomingdales card, of which 15% would be taken off of all purchases, including MJ bags.
  2. Thanks for the heads up on the Bloomies sale, I'm sure some gals here will take advantage of it. As for the straps, hmm... People sometimes say the flat straps of the Stella slip off once in a while, but have resolved this problem by overlapping the straps so it doesn't slip as much. Hope that makes sense!
  3. I agree..Id overlap the straps too..Ive never had an issue with the flat straps and I adore the Deborah bag!
  4. Deborah is sooooo pretty! I don't think the straps will be a problem, as long as you can double them up like thithi explained! I say.... get it, get it, get it!! (That way I can live vicariously through you!)
  5. Thanks, ladies! I keep thinking about this bag - has to be mine!