flat soda!?

  1. I love flat soda. How about you?
  2. :throwup::throwup::throwup::throwup::throwup:

    I am the total opposite!!! Flat soda seriously makes me gag. I love any drink that's cold and fizzy. When I start going overboard with the diet coke I buy seltzer water and drink it plain. People usually think that's pretty gross...
  3. ^^ LOL! Me too! The minute my soda starts to lose the fizz down the drain it goes! :yes:
  4. although i don't like soda (true),
    i hear flat soda is great for relieving nausea.....
  5. I don't really like soda. But for some reason, I like sierra mist when it's flat.
  6. I heard that too. I think it has to do with the sugar coating the stomach.
  7. I dont care for flat soda much, but ill drink it if i have to.

    Sierra Mist and Lemonade is awesome together.
    No certain amount for either is required,
    just pour lemonade into your glass of Sierra Mist and voila, a nice drink!

  8. Sprite and Orange Juice-Half and Half, Yum-O!

    Also, Lemonade and Fruit Punch mixed together is yummy.

    As for flat soda...Eww.:push:
  9. That's my remedy when I'm home with a cold -- just diet sprite and OJ + chicken noodle soup all day long.

    Don't like flat soda either or soda left in the hot car for too long. Yuck.
  10. Don't like flat soda but I can handle certain brands more than I can with others. Coca Cola is okay flat, Sprite is not.
  11. I don't like any soda that's flat.

    If I pour a soda and there's no fizzing I just pour the rest of it down the drain. I need my soda to be bubbly!
  12. the only time i drink flat soda is when im hung over. its also good to take pain meds with because the caffine helps them work quicker.
  13. ^2nd that!! :yes:
  14. My mom used to give me slightly flat, warm Coke when I wasn't feeling well and I'll still do that. But if I'm feeling fine, I like my soda ice cold and bubbly!
  15. Wow, I'm so happy to find another person who likes flat soda! I always leave soda open in the fridge or put a lot of ice so that it becomes nice and cold. I've never known anyone in life who likes flat soda though. It's nice to know that I'm not a complete alien!