Flat setting for diamond studs

  1. Does anyone know what the setting for a diamond that lays almost completely flat on your ear is called? I know someone-not well enough to ask-who has 4 carat diamonds in her ears and they are not in your typical setting. They look really beautiful and I can't seem to find it anywhere. Thanks for your help.:yes:
  2. I get mine Martini set and they sit very nicely that way.
  3. If they were framed it is bezel, but if not a lower setting is martini
  4. I've seen flat settings like you're talking about, but it incorporated 4 cut stones to make it look like one round stone (you couldn't tell that they were 4 individual stones.)
  5. I believe you are referring to a bezel setting. I have a pair of small diamond studs in a bezel setting that I wear every day. When the DH comes home with the camera I'll post a pic.
  6. Thanks for the info ladies. It is definatley not bezel set nor was it 4 seperate stones. Maybe it is the martini set, but correct me if I'm wrong-that is a 3 prong setting correct? This had 4 prongs.
  7. I'm looking at my findings book because I have a few different names that I call things.

    I use Martini set in many of my diamond studs. I have used 6-prong Cast Basket as well.
  8. I have 3 prong martini set diamond studs. It is possible to have 4 prong martinis or even 8 prong martinis.
  9. I have bezel set Peretti Tiffany studs.
  10. yes, martini has 3 prongs.
    I have 2 sets of diamond studs, one has the usual 4-prong and the other is martini set and I way prefer the way the martini set sits/hangs.
    I'm upgrading to bigger soon and I'll go w/ the martini set again.
  11. Ok I had a set of what the SA at Macy's called a Martini Setting. These studs were set in white gold that looked like a little martini glass....bezel set where you could only see the face/top of the stone. In really looked like a white gold martini glass.

    Then I have a set of studs in a 3-prong setting that sits flatter than my old 4-prong studs. But they are not encased in a bezel setting.

    Yikes...now I'm confused.
  12. my martini setting does not have a cage or bezel at all.
  13. I want to see the martini setting, ohhh Jaaaapsterrrrrrrr..... and while we're at it anyone want a Dirty Martini? :yes:
  14. ok...the studs I bought are the Tiffany 4 prong setting. Is that ok?
    I do love Tiffany diamonds and that is their classic earrings.
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