Flat Pouch or pochette wallet

  1. Should i get Denim flat pouch or a wallet, which i need because i have the Porte Valeurs organizer and is isn't big enough. i only really like damier for wallets. Help please!
  2. I have the denim flat pouch which I use to carry my cellphone, credit cards and some cash when i don't want to use a big bag. I bought a wrist strap to go with it. I say make your choice based on what you'll be using the flat pouch or wallet for.
  3. I do love the bag, but i think i am in more need of a wallet right now, with at least 10 cc slots
  4. Definitely get a wallet then!
  5. Wallet! : )
  6. Damier wallet w/10 cc slots? May I introduce Damier Brazza? :graucho: I LOVE this piece, very streamline, w/max cc(some doulbe stack mind u), yet not a bulky piece at all.
    Binside.JPG Bleft.JPG Bright.JPG
  7. I have the Denim Flat Pouch, and it's adorable! But it's definitely not a wallet...

    So if you need a wallet, then I think the Pochette Wallet or the Brazza Wallet will be perfect!:smile:
    Denim 064.jpg Denim 058.jpg Denim 105.jpg
  8. I would go for a new denim wallet! be one of the first :smile:
  9. I'd definitely go for a wallet. :yes: