flat or rolled handles

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  1. for a shoulder bag? thanks!
  2. flat for a shoulder bag

    rounded for a handheld bag

    is there a bag that u r looking at?
  3. Yep definitely flat for a shoulder bag.:yes:
  4. Well, I know it's not LV, but my Mom recently got the new Coach embossed leather book tote, which is a shoulder bag, and it has flat handles, I have the similiar bag with the rolled handles which also fits on the shoulder. Well, the straps slipped so much on my Mom's she returned it after two days. I haven't had that problem. She's never had that problem with her BH though...so I think it depends on the bag.
  5. i saw a damier looping bag tonight and i like it, but i wasn't sure about the rolled handle.
  6. flat handles for a shoulder bag =D
  7. in general i think that rolled handles are better as handheld.

    flat handles are better on shoulder bags - much more comfortable.
  8. I agree..rolled handles are good for hand held..as a shoulder bag I think they'd be uncomfortable.
  9. I tried on the mono looping GM recently...seemed to feel ok. But that was with it empty.

    I've read thru a search on the PF boards, re: the Looping bag, that the handles were uncomfortable. Some said they sold the bag, and a few others returned it.

    I was :sad: to hear this cuz I really liked it. Seems like the flat handles are more comfortable.
  10. Yup. I was jsut oging to say the same thing.
  11. Looping is actually very comfy shoulder bag.:yes:
  12. I used to have a Marc Jacobs shoulder bag with rolled handles, I hate it, they did not feel right over my shoulders, I like flat handles for shoulder bags.
  13. Do most people still feel the same?
    Flat for shoulder and rolled for hand held?

    I'm tossing up between the Tivoli & Montorgueil at the moment and it's come down to handles!...lol
  14. Definetly flat for a shoulder bag. I have several MJ bags where I love the bag but cannot stand the rolled handles on my shoulder. It's too uncomfortable to me. But if you love the bag you could always try it out for a few days and exchange if you hate it. GL!
  15. ITA!
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