Flat Messenger or Mini Bowling in French Blue?

  1. Don't vote based on which style you like best, but which style the color would look best in.

  2. the mini bowling if they didnt discontinue it :confused1:
  3. agree!
  4. the mini bowling is not discontinued. I know for a fact that Susan's in SF is getting some in in the spring colors. They had one in vert d'eau in their store when I called a few weeks ago in fact.
  5. messenger
  6. ^^Def Messenger
  7. I like both styles, but think I like french blue in a smaller bag, so I'll say mini bowling. It just so happens that I saw a french blue mini bowling yesterday at Gretta Luxe (Wellesley, MA) and thought it was super cute.
  8. messenger
  9. mini bowling. :yes:
  10. Mini bowling!
  11. I just got the city in french blue, it is a beautiful color!!!!!!
  12. The mini bowling all the way!
  13. mini bowling. but are you absolutely sure it's the mini bowling and not the regular bowling. sometime's i don't trust SA's over the phone... esp ones who don't know what they're looking for....... i won't believe it til I see one with me own pair of eyes!!!!!!

    (oooh I hope it's true........)
  14. flat messenger :yes:
  15. Hi tnc - yup - I'm positive it was the mini bowling because they also had the regular bowling in stock. I had called looking for a mini bowling in rouge vif and she stated he didn't have the mini bowling in roge vif, but the larger one. She then stated she had a mini bowling in light green. My ears perked up when I heard that. She had then said they were getting more in - in the green, blue, and navy.