Flat Messenger in anthracite - where?

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  1. is the only place to get it LVR? tia
  2. the SA in Printemps told me they were supposed to get the flat msger in Anthracite soon.
  3. Check Neimans...they had a black flat messenger, maybe they are getting it in other colors.
  4. I second :yes: !!! We have the same source ;) !!
  5. My NM doesn't sell Bbags. thanks
  6. messenger, have you checked ShiRise to see if they have them?
  7. LVR has anthracite flat messengers. I got my shipping confirm this morning and will post pics when I receive it.
  8. Same here...I got the email that my bag shipped yesterday.:yahoo:
  9. well the buyers at NM Scottsdale are obviously a bunch of idiots...they didnt order the anthracite or the periwinkle....

    but they sure ordered buttloads of the grass green bags...and they are NOT selling well at all.
  10. no, that's actually too far from where I'm at. thanks though