Flat Iron w/ Best Lifespan

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  1. I'm in the market for a flat iron, but I keep coming across reviews that say that the irons die within XX months. I'm looking at Solia and Sedu mostly, but would consider others in that price range. Any recommendations? How have your experiences been?
  2. I bought the original CHI when it first came out (I believe) over 6 years ago and enjoyed it the whole time until I vacationed in July 2008 to another country that uses 220V...then, it blew up on me...forgot to use a transformer..anyway, that is a perfect example. If I had only used a transformer, I'd still be using it now. Now I read some people's comments on how the new CHIs lack the quality the older models had
  3. My CHI is more than three years old and it's still going strong!
  4. my sister is still using a T3 flat iron i handed down to her... i bought it about 4 years ago, and gave it to her when i bought a different brand that i wanted to try. that flat iron is still working wonderfully, and now i wish i'd kept it!
  5. People swear by the GHD (which I haven't been able to buy just yet); but I had my previous Chi for about 5-6 years and only then, the power cord sort of broke and I had to buy a new one. So that's a pretty good range for me.
  6. Thanks for your responses girls! I'll definitely keep your advice in mind.
  7. I had a CHI for two years and it worked great.. until it one day ended up in the toilet.. I decided to replace it with a Solia, which I am crazy about. I've only had it for about a year now, but it is still working great.. although I can't tell you it's life span, because I've only had it for a short time, I can tell you I would take the Solia over a CHI any day. I personally think it adds a nice shine to the hair and keeps it straighter much longer.
  8. Thanks, BigDeal. That's the brand that I'm leaning towards right now.
  9. i like the original CHI
  10. back in 2004, i bought this for $60-ish, and still use it on a daily basis! now the price has come down to $40!!! It really works amazingly well, and still gets hot enough to burn my hand--ouch! but, I really REALLY highly recommend this flat iron!! read the reviews on sally, too! lots of other people agree with me! good luck :smile:
  11. Bubbles, which straightener are you talking about? You did not mention the model/name...
  12. had my chi since 2005 and its still running strong!
  13. I just use a good ol Remington straightener. It's lasted so far about 3+ years.
  14. I have the Remington wet/dry straightener too :smile: It works great and my hair gets completely straight! My hair is naturally curly and I hate it! I even remember laying on the ground and using a real iron when I was in High School:roflmfao:

    I'd like to try some others and this one does tend to damage my hair if used too frequent so I had to quit straightening it every day :sad:
  15. Anything that damages my hair is a definite no! Thanks for the info, ladies. Keep them coming!