Flat iron question

  1. There are flat irons that dry and straighten the hair at the same time. Can anyone recommend a good one? I need one for my daughter. Her hair is long and very curly and most of the time I just air dry her hair and put ponytails in because blow drying and then flatironing is too time consuming. Recommendations please?
  2. I don't think those kinds work very well, or rather, I have never bought one that actually dried my hair while I straightened it even though its supposed to :{
  3. Rockstark, I heard of the t3 at sephora that had the two feuatures to be use on dry hair and to dry wet hair with the iron and spent the 200.00$ for it and it was a mess. Left my hair super dry and hard.(it was breaking too) I took it back after trying it a couple of times. IMO, it's diffuclult so use it on wet hair is going to cause some damage...I wish i can help you, i have try many of them, good luck