Flat Iron Addict...Plz help??!

  1. Is anyone else here a flat iron addict? I have thick curly hair, and I cannot stop straightening it. I just can't. My hair has a lot of breakage and is getting really damaged but I just can't stop straightening it. I love straight hair. (Can anyone recommend REALLY good heat protectant?) And I know I need to take a break from the flat iron, but I decided to see how long I can go and quickly realized I can't even go a full week without straightening my hair. If I keep this up, my long hair is seriously going to break off. It will be ruined. Please help me before my hair breaks off. What should I do? :heart:
  2. Try something by Fekkai..I love his products. Perhaps Bumble and Bumble leave in conditioners would help too. Do you have a GHD? That's the best flat iron..will damage your hair at a minimum compared to most irons.
  3. I have a Sedu flat iron. I will try something by Fekkai. My poor hair. Lol
  4. Good luck! Deep conditioning or hair masks every week will definitely help too. oh and get your hair trimmed regularly.
  5. I feel your pain! When I got my first pro iron (about 6yrs ago), I would iron my hair EVERY day, no joke. But then I started having the same problems with damage, and then my hair wouldn't look/feel/turn out silky after ironing anymore that I got sick of trying and stopped.

    Definitely agree with priiin. Get a good deep conditioner (I recommend Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle or this little pot from Avon.. contains aloe vera I think) and a good heat protectant (Chi's works well, or Thermasilk) if you plan on keeping ironing your hair.

    But I'd suggest you give it a break. Maybe iron it once a week or so? Curly hair can look pretty with the right cut. Take it from me, I have LOTS of curly as hell hair but I tame it with Aussie's Leave In Conditioner and/or mousse.
  6. I used to be addicted to my flat iron too but with prolonged use my hair was soooo damaged that I literally had to cut it all off. I started getting my hair straight permed instead and now I never even pull out my flat iron anymore and my hair is healthy. You may want to look into that :smile: It's one of the best things I've ever done!
  7. ^Yep! Just get it straigthened, it's less hassle. I used to flat iron my hair cuz it's a little wavy and it bugged the **** out of me. Then i fond out about jap. straight perms. I have(had) long hair...its about 300-400 depending on where you go and it lasts until your hair grows out - that usually is about 8months to a yr. When the roots start to grow out it'll get to a point where ur head will look like a square, the top part is pouffy but the bottom isnt. hahaha.
  8. Wash your hair less often... If your hair is thick and curly AND damaged, I'm guessing it's not oily. Everytime you wash your hair you're stripping natural oils and adding chemicals. Then, to make matters worse, you're frying it with an iron. There's nothing you can do about the dead ends besides trimming them off. But try to get down to washing/styling it only once or twice a week so your hair can heal. It will look much better, trust me.

    I also second the recommendation for Aussie Deep Conditioner. If your hair is super damaged you might need something better though...
  9. Has anyone heard of a corliss flat iorn? I was told they are really good. How do they compare to chi or GHD? thanks
  10. I have decided that I am going to purchase a new flat iorn... do you recommed the chi or the GHD? Please help me out!
  11. ^ GHD is supposed to be the absolute best. CHI is not a good choice if you have heat-sensitive hair, because they get super hot and can cause damage. As far as I know, Corliss is along the same lines as CHI. If you're choosing between those three brands, go with GHD:tup:...
  12. GHD is the best flat iron ever!! I love it. I can straighten all of my hair really really quick and you can curl your hair easily with it. Doesn't damage your hair as much as any other straightener I've tried.
  13. Frédéric Fekkai is really the best to repair your hair! My hair was completely damaged by flat ironing and coloring... I used Frédéric Fekkai Protein RX mask and it did wonders on my hair!
    Also, always use a wash out conditioner and a leave in conditioner to protect your hair. Maybe a leave in conditioner that also protects with flat ironing?
  14. Can you tell me more about the fredeic fekkai hair mask. My hair has always been colored and I do use flat iorn etc. I have never heard of this product. Can you tell me how and how often you use it. ALos, where can I purchase it? ANy idea about the price? thank you
  15. I have had a Babyliss, Corioliss, T3 and a GHD, the GHD is by far the best flatiron I have ever used. My plates for the Corioliss popped out in month 5 and they wouldn't honor the one year warranty...I wasn't too happy.