Flat Hobo?

  1. I thought BAL discontinued the flat hobo(often seen on Kate Moss as she carries the black flat hobo quite a bit)?? But the new spy pic of EB shows something that looks like a flat hobo? Am I just being confused?
  2. Without a pic it's tough to say, but if it's a squarish shape, it may be the flat messenger. Here's mine in Sandstone.

  3. There's also the new Woman's Besace Messenger Hobo that has the same kind of curved open top the Original Flat Hobo had, here's a pic:

  4. pseub & rdc--THANK YOU for the pics:smile:

    rdc--the hobo, what kind of top opening does it have? zipper? open? also, do you know if it comes in regular hardware? TIA!
  5. You're welcome, Chriseve!

    The Woman's Besace Messenger Hobo has an open top, no zipper, but unlike the early version of this style, it has an interior zipper pocket in addition to the one outside on the front. I believe it's only been done in Giant Hardware, but it's not heavy or anything ;o)
  6. Thank you for explaining RDC:smile: