Flat Clutch Lovers Rejoice - It's Back!

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  1. I just got my issue of Vogue Collections - S/S 2007, and the clutch is included as a piece in Balenciaga's new collection of accessories! :heart: It's perfect for me because I had been regretting not getting one before. Does anyone else like it?


    Old pics of celebrities wearing the clutch:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The issue also had a pic of the giant hardware Brief in black. I think it looks really rockin:

  2. My pluse just quickened... I think they're both perfect (clutch and giant hardware brief...) I always tend to shove too much crap in my bags and a clutch is perfect b.c it forces me to downsize. I'm happier that way, too. Oh, baby! :yahoo:
  3. Good - we won't be forced to pay more than retail on ebay!!:wlae:
  4. Argh you guys are getting me excited! I'm picturing it in seafoam right now....:heart:
  5. Thanks for the post! I really need a large clutch to use in my work. Are the measurements listed? I'm wondering if it's as big as the 8X11" one from a couple of years ago.
  6. I like that a lot!!! It's definitely not the same as the original flat clutch though. It looks like if the coin purse and the flat clutch had a baby, too cute! :heart:
  7. Mimz, don't you have one IRL? Can you tell us some of the differences you see?

    I just noticed that they got rid of the lovely tassels, darn it. :sad:
  8. I really love the clutch style!!!
  9. dachsie, yes, that's auth and soooo pretty!

    spiral, the giant hardware bags don't have tassels - presumably if these are available in regular hardware they'll have tassels? I hope?

    the proportions look different from the older clutch, I wonder if it's just the hardware that's giving that impression?
  10. what do they retail for?
  11. wow- love the aquamarine/turquoise color clutch and is that brief in the marine blue? it's purty!
  12. ooooh does anyone know if it will come in non-giant hardware?
  13. This is great news. I love the clutch style as well!
  14. ....yeah, the proportions definitely seem to be a little different (and of course the giant hardware and lack of tassels!) - it seems to me as if the size might be smaller than the original clutch, and the wristlet attachment is definitely very different. Some of the flat clutches came with a wristlet, some came without. I really like the looks of this new one, I just hope it comes in the normal hardware because I really don't love the giant.

    Attached is a photo of my F/W '03 Caramel 8 x 11 flat clutch :heart:

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