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  1. hahaaha... gotta be quick on those!
  2. nhelle.. u are FAST! LOL
    congrats :P
  3. Congratulations, it's beautiful.
  4. That was fast!
  5. lol that was FAST! Congrats Nhelle!!!!!! :yahoo: The bag is amazing! :love:
  6. That was definitely a deal of a lifetime, congratulations! Hold on to it forever ;) they rarely come along.... and for that price.... well...... like I said, that's a once in a lifetime thing ;)
  7. MAN!!

    Im going to have to hire someone to watch eBay for me, day and night.
    I have seen SO many fabulous BIN's for the earlier bags but they get snatched up so quickly!!

    Congrats Nhelle!! You have the quickest fingers in the East...and West.
  8. WOW how do you guys do it? Is it luck? Congrats Nhelle!!
  9. Congrats Nhelle!!!
  10. perce- it's NINJAS :ninja:...truly, ask Nhelle, she told me.
  11. thanks ladies...I couldn't resist it !!! heheheh...although the bag has signs of wear in the handle, I could have it easily refurbished and cleaned since it's black;)

    However, I would be happier if it was the caramel colored flat brass hobo 'cause I already have a black flat brass classique:shame:
  12. I am sending you my ninjas to watch over eBay! but return them to me as soon as you get your dream bag ok? deal? LOL :lol: :lol::lol:
  13. ^ You're such a lucky girl, Amour, to have two flat brass bags. :smile:
  14. Congrats, Nhelle! You snagged a great deal. :yahoo:
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