Flat Brass Flap bag

  1. ^^ this bag has "varsha" written all over it :wlae:
  2. Cute bag !
  3. i want everyone to say "Flat Brass Flap bag" ten times fast!
  4. Oh, I'm so glad someone knows this bag! I was trying to look it up since I'm unfamiliar with the other styles! I told her to post it up here for the style name. She seems very nice!
  5. thanks aaa! I have it in black...it's a great style, especially with the mirror...mocean I got to see the version that was similar to yours.....I hope someone here gets this one!
  6. I love it. What year was it made?
  7. I tried. You do it, record it and play it for us here. Come on Fayden, pleaseeeeeeee. :P

  8. I got stuck on the second verse. ....we can make a song out of it and use it as our "secret code" :P
  9. HAHAHA i start laughing everytime i finish the 1st verse! i can't even make it past the second before it's all jumbled. sounds like i'm saying,

    flab ass frab bag.

  10. or

    flat ass frappe hag
  11. gorgeous!!!!!
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