flat brass black classique on ebay!!!!

  1. That classique is very pretty. It looks brand new!
  2. Looks very nice.
  3. OMG!! I want this bag so bad. It seems like bid*to*win is always bidding on the bags I want...so she's got good taste ;o) but I hope I win it!

    :heart: This is definitely my DREAM BAG. :heart:

  4. ^^ who is she anyway?!?!
  5. This bag is fabulous, I hope to eventually own a flat brass first but won't bid on this one.

    Good luck RockSteady I hope you get it!
  6. Wow - this one is beautiful... I wonder if she'll go as high as the other flat brass first from last week?!
  7. ^ I hope not. I've got four hungry pusses to feed and I don't want to break the bank. ;o)

    I will :heart: :love: :kiss-butt: ;) to the sweet girls that pass on this baby for me. I'll gladly pass on a future bag for them.
  8. everywhere i look bid2win is bidding on bags, she never seems to win them though
  9. So much for her username then, eh?
  10. Heeee heeee ... good one!!!! :lol: :lol:

    I read through the previous thread about the bidder, and there was one thing that I didn't agree with ... having a separate Seller & Bidder ID. I purposely have two separate IDs (one as a Seller and the other as the Buyer). I did this because I typically sold jewelry, but I may bid on many different things. Plus, I wanted my Seller feedback to be more specific (re: comments about me as a seller and the jewelry). By having the same ID, I felt any comments about me as a buyer would kind of skew the purpose of my selling ID (plus ... I buy more than I sell :lol: !!).

    I did agree with Mocean about the *turning around* of an item, but I know that is a particular idiosyncracy that I have and others feel differently. If the person is buying on eBay with the purpose of then selling the goods here in the PF with an inflated price, then that would really TICK me off!

  11. DITTO ! Same here 'C' ;) :lol: !!!
    Ohh Rock.... crossing fingers you'll get it - I know it's your dream bag for a long time. Good luck sweetie :flowers: :love:
  12. ^^ Glad to give a giggle, C.

    ^ Thanks, 1st :o) :flowers:

    Should I keep my flat brass hobo if I win this flat brass first?
    Here she is:
  13. ^ Good gracious yes, you should keep the fb hobo!! :yes: