Flat box for the Speedy 30?

  1. Hi everyone!

    Last week I FINALLY purchasing the bag I have been coveting for a year - a Damier Speedy 30! Anyhow... I really wanted a box to store her in when she is not in use, but the SA only had a really big box (which I can barely fit in my closet)! Later that day when I called the store the person I spoke with said they don't have flat boxes (meaning the ones with the drawer that slides out) that will fit the Speedy 30, only the 25. Is this true? Because I'm sure I've seen some of you ladies with flat boxes for your Speedy 30's?

    Please help! x
  2. Huh? Do you mean one big enough so that you don't have to fold your speedy? I didn't know the "drawer boxes" came large enough to store a 25.
  3. ^^^ Me either... The biggest drawer box I've seen is the one that comes with like an MC Zippy or something.

    This is the box that usually comes with the Speedy 25:

  4. Sorry I wasn't clear :smile:
    I mean a box that can hold the Speedy 30 when it is folded. Like the one that John showed with the 25, but for the 30. Does that exist?
  5. John, that is the same box that I have.

    That box isn't a pull out. The one I have for my 30 is a bit wider than that
  6. The biggest drawer boxes are the ones for shoes (bigger for men's shoes). For my speedies 30 I got boxes with flap type lids. The box is big enough to store the speedy unfolded. If you don't have enough space then I suggest you store it unfolded in it's dustbag only.
  7. Hi lamiastella, so you do have a flat-ish box that houses the Speedy 30 when it is folded?

    (like the one that John posted, but a bit bigger?)

  8. There's definitely a bigger box that fits the Speedy 30. In fact I have both sizes. Just call your SA again or call another store. If not, you might want to try and get one from 1866 Vuitton. Goodluck!
  9. The bigger box... you're referring to this one or a bigger one?


    LoVer: Oh yeah... forgot about the shoe boxes.
  10. No I received a flat box with my 30. You have to fold it to get it in, it's not a pull out box but flat, like the two piece John showed.
  11. I also got one like John showed, but bigger, for my 30.
  12. Yes John, like that one... I spoke with my SA and she said that would contact me when the store got more in. I thought it was weird that they didn't have a steady supply since I assume they sell many Speedy 30s!

    Thanks for the help guys, I appreciate it a lot!! :smile:
  13. Yes, flat box looks like John's. I think drawer box you mention is for shoes?
  14. I got my speedy 40 in a hard-sided box, not a fold-up or drawer ( only for shoes and small items, i think)...
  15. My epi speedy 25 came in a drawer box.