flat boots=)

  1. i've been looking for a pair of flat boots for a while and i can't seem to find a pair that really suits me....
    i don't care about the colours and the shoe brands i use to wear don't make this kind of boots.:cry:
    finally i came across in thes ones on Shopbop and i was wondering what do you think about....
    which pair do you prefer?

    (don't really like the colour)


    thanks:love: :love: :love:
  2. i like the first ones :love:.
  3. i like the first one too.
  4. #1 :smile:
  5. Those Loeffler Randall boots are really chic; they are also pretty comfortable and well-made. I like the snakeskin anaconda material used for the 3rd pair, but the white color is just incredibly hard to take care of....Lindsay Lohan was photographed wearing them on a couple of occasions; I've also seen people IRL (in NYC) wearing them, but it was obvious that the white easily attracted dirt/stains/etc. Loeffler Randall shoes are sold at Bergdorf Goodman (both in-store and online) and I'm 90% sure those boots are gonna go on sale this summer....so if I were you I'd probably wait another month or two.
  6. wow! I like all three of them, although the first one looks like it would wear-in better than the other two. I love the third too, for it's texture.
  7. The first one is nice. The color is fab.
  8. The first is best. well actually, the only pair I really like.
  9. i like the first pair! good luck on what you decide! boot shopping is always such a drama for me! i've got big calf muscles and i can never find nice boots that fit!
  10. i love the third ones!!
  11. I like the first ones. The ability to pull off the other two maybe depend on your skin tone, i.e. they'd probably look nice with a good tan.
  12. thanks to this post, I am officially obsessed with Loeffler Randall.
  13. Love the first one!
  14. LOVE the 2nd and the 3rd.
  15. i love the 1st and 3rd one....