Flat Boots?

  1. :yes: Can anyone recommend very cute flat boots? I'd love to wear boots that i can be comfortable in
  2. Prada sport makes AWESOME flat ones..SO does Jimmy Choo
  3. I can't recommend any boots, but when I looked at the post really fast I read flat boobs!

    LOL....sorry if my silliness offends anyone!
  4. Dior makes some nice flat boots, with a cannage stitching print all over, and a D charm at the side.
  5. i love the lanvin ones, i'd love to have a pair.
  6. Dior Rebelle, but good luck finding any! I want some soooo bad.
  7. bluefly just a bunch of new shoes in, you can search their inventory for pretty flat boots :smile:
  8. I would say Dior too. If you are looking for something cheaper, I know I've seen them in the mall by me in the shoe boutique 'WILD', they are affordable and cute. My sister shops there and loves them.
  9. The Lanvin ones are TDF, I'd kill to have a pair