flat bag from london designer- anyone know where I can get it?


Jan 10, 2006
Hi everyone

This is my first post. I am a complete fanatic and have over 70 bags in my collection but am just dying for this one more!

I was in London with my mom for Christmas and we went to a trunk show for this company with her friend. They had these totally cool flat bags in colours like hot pink alligator which are just perfect for school. The company was called Notting Hill Design and my mom said that she would buy me one the next time she goes to London but does anyone know if you can get them in LA or online somewhere? :blink:
Thx Loganz

I found their website but don't see any shops listed. Mom says she won't pay for the shipping from London and that i'll just have to wait. But I really want that pink for all my spring clothes....

Does anyone know who carries it here?

no they dont sell it here, at least in stores or anything, you might find someone who buys and sells here, but with an establishment or something.

this is cute

How To Buy

Buying from us is easy. Our online Shop is always available and we process and ship orders as quickly as possible – usually within 48 hours. Alternatively, you can visit the studio or attend a Notting Hill Design shopping event.

Thank you everyone for making our first collection such a success! We have had enquiries from boutiques and department stores in the UK, the US and Asia -- thank you for spreading the word!

We still have 2 Tavistock Totes in Black Suede and a few select colours in other models which are not on the website. Contact us now to visit the studio or to receive images. Please email: [email protected]

The new collection will be arrving at the studio in March. A number of the new bags are limited editions so become a member and receive