1. I'm still waiting for my Pro discount to go thru before I purchase anything. It's so frustrating!!
  2. It's not out in the UK yet, but I got someone in the US to get me Ether & Lovestone, I'm SO excited to recieve them! I'll probably get more when it's out over here!

    So tempted to get a skinfinish, but I already have 3 & hardly every wear them anymore. :/
  3. Yes, I got all 3 MSF's!!! They're gorgeous!!!
  4. Kind of lost...what is a flashtronic???
  5. It's the name of one of MAC's latest makeup collections (along with Rushmetal). It has the highly coveted mineralize skinfinishes as well as mineral eye shadows. They're all super lovely and extremely popular formulations - check them out! :tup:
  6. yup, got all my flashtronic & rushmetal stuff along with novel twist from Nordstrom :biggrin:
  7. ^^ Lucky you!
    Here, we just got Flashtronic along with Painterly and I'll probably have to wait one month or more for Rushmetal.
    I must admit that I wasn't impressed much but I got two paints (Delft & Rubenesque), Tectonic e/s and Nothern light MSF (which is beautiful but very glittery)
  8. all i ended up getting was northernlights, and 3 shadows- ether, mecurial, and lovestone. love them!
  9. Thanx I'll definetly check it out when I get a chance.